Healthy Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

Hey hey.

Did I say ice cream? And healthy, in one sentence?

Yes! Well, did I really say ICE CREAM? More like, NICE CREAM. Ice cream that’s  nice to you and your body! And also, made of nanas! Nanas = bananas!

Ice cream made out of bananas? That sounds.. bananas? But yes. It’s bananas! Frozen bananas to be exact. It tastes EXACTLY like ice cream. Believe it or not? You have to try it to find out!

Once I tried nana ice cream, I was head over heels for it. I swore I would never go back to my usual weekly routine of Ben N Jerry’s and Beyonce tunes on repeat. Beyonce stays, but nana ice cream is my new sweet escape! It’s so delicious, I can’t have enough! Add protein powder, and it’s the perfect post-workout treat.



2 frozen bananas

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp baking soda (vital for the cookie dough taste!)

splash of milk (any kind will work)

handful dark chocolate chips



Add all ingredients except chocolate chips in a blender. Blend until a soft-serve consistency. Garnish with chocolate chips.


You can mix up flavours, like adding cocoa powder for a chocolate nice cream, or adding strawberries for a more gelato like strawberry nice cream!

Hope you all enjoy!


Much love,

Tif xx

9 thoughts on “Healthy Cookie Dough Ice Cream Recipe

  1. You have no idea how happy this has just made me. What kind of blender do you need? I only have an electric whisk and a smoothie type blender.


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