How to get that body you’ve always wanted? 4 sure-fire ways to stay on track with your fitness goals!

I’d like to make this post about how to stay on track during your fitness journey.

I know for a lot of people that starting a fitness journey is fun, it’s exciting, you’re totally thrilled to make a change to your lifestyle! But then a week passes, and things get boring, it gets mundane and WHERE ARE THE RESULTS?

Well, I’d like to talk about a few things you can do to keep going, keep motivating and never giving up! Because you are just a step away from achieving your goals!

There are so many apps out there on the market, that can aid you on your fitness journey. For one, has been one of the first ways I have started my fitness journey. My Fitness Pal allows you to key in your calories, carbs, protein and fat intake throughout the day, and is a good gage for you when it comes to tracking your macros!

You can see how many carbs, proteins, fats and sugars you are consuming in a day, and you may be surprised, what might seem like just a donut or a burger could majorly shoot over your recommended calorie intake! People usually think they’re eating healthy, and don’t see results. This could be because they are either going over their calorie limit, or even under. So this is a great way for you to get an idea of how much you should be eating in a day!

Oscar Health Insurance is a health insurance company based in New Jersey and New York, and they have come up with an amazing way for their clients to keep on track with their goals. They provide tools like their mobile app and Misfit rewards program that allow members to keep track of their health.

They have Misfit flash activity trackers, which means you sync the Oscar app with your tracker which counts your steps, and when you reach a health goal, they reward you with cash! So for every daily physical acitivity goal you reach, you will get a reward. How cool is that?

Oscar uses healthcare and design to make healthcare simple, intuitive, and human. And their aim is to link health with technology – which is really cool, because all if not most of us go online to find out how to do basically everything! Fitness, health, food, clothes, recipes, how to fix your toilet… the list is endless. And Oscar is sorta like the Spotify for health. Cool or what?

Another site I love to use when it comes to health and fitness is Instagram. Follow me on instagram here! 🙂 I follow tons of fitness trainers, healthy chefs, and people with a passion and love for fitness. Not only is it a way to gain tips and find out new workouts to do, it can be such an inspiration to see other people working hard and striving to achieve their goals! And I especially love looking at healthy recipes, trying new ones are my favourite thing to do.

Another one I’m in love love love with, is Pinterest. Even if I don’t do what Pinterest says, I just love looking at it. The pictures of food, people working out, girls with great abs, and tons of other stuff! It’s a great way to get new recipes especially when you’re first starting out eating healthy, and to be inspired by girls with abs. That always works. 😉


I hope you all find the inspiration and motivation to keep pursuing your dreams!

Never give up!




Much love,

Tif x

15 thoughts on “How to get that body you’ve always wanted? 4 sure-fire ways to stay on track with your fitness goals!

  1. Hi Tiff! One thing I do to try to reduce getting board is changing up my running paths. When I find a new running path it keeps my attention better since my environment around me is new. Like with anything that is new (or newer) it’s much more exciting. Keep pushing forward!


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