Healthy Peanut Butter M&M Milkshake

Ok, I’m smoothie and milkshake obsessed.

I love smoothies… Especially the ones that taste like they came from Wendy’s! Or taste like cake batter. Or cookie batter. Or any batter… It feels like I’m not even eating clean, but my tummy feels all good and nice inside. 🙂 and not hurting like when I would drink those actual Wendy’s milkshakes. :/ Or eat McDonalds… I miss that…

It’s ok… Eating clean is more rewarding RIGHT?!

This recipe goes out to all my chocolate, candy-loving friends who can’t skip a day without downing a box of M&Ms, milk buttons, galaxy chocolate, Twix, Mars, anything that’s loaded with unhealthy sugars! But hey. Wait a minute. I am here. Giving you this healthy alternative to your daily M&Ms dosage. 😉

This one I tried it by experimenting with flavours one fine day, and I went “WOAH!” It totally tastes like peanut butter M&Ms!

Without telling anyone what was in it, I made my brother and sister try it. They were like wow this is nice, what’s in it, ice cream? And I was like, “Nope! It’s protein!” They loved it! And I hope you guys will too!

This recipe is perfect as a post-workout shake as it’s loaded with protein, carbs and some healthy fat in there!



1/2 cup milk (I used skim for this, you can use almond, rice, oat or any kind of milk)

half frozen banana

1 whopping tbsp peanut butter (I used the no added sugar one from Sun Pat)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use MyProtein vanilla stevia flavoured, but you can use any vanilla protein)


Blend all the ingredients together in a blender. Done! I like to add some peanuts at the top to add that extra crunch! (Don’t add M&Ms like in the picture haha!)


Oh and I totally revamped my instagram page now. My beautiful Swedish friend (Vendela, that’s you!) inspired me to go all out fitness with my instagram! So you guys can expect way more recipes and workout videos on it!

Till next time!

Much love,

Tif x

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