How to lose weight fast this 2015! And… keep the weight off!

Hi all!


I’m back my lovelies!


It’s 2015! Yayyyy!


I hope you all had fun during Christmas and New Year’s! As we all know, the best part of the holidays is the FOOD!

Christmas dinners, winter vacations, new year’s eve parties, and let’s not mention the endless number of buffets that you go to and you just have to eat EVERYTHING just because it’s there. 😉


We all know the drill.


We make a pledge for 2015.

It’s the new year. I have to be super hot by summer! I swear this time!

I will stick to an hour on the elliptical, and make those green juices for breakfast all the time (though they tastes horrible!), and eat salads for lunch. And I HAVE to get abs.. This time, it’s a must!

I mean, look at all those fitness models. They look awesome and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to look like them… It definitely can’t be that hard!

And before you know it, you’re sneaking cookies from the office pantry and eating fried takeaway for lunch (It’s convenient… And it tastes amazing, can’t beat those chinese chicken wings!) And your evenings consist of downing ONE, TWO, TEN more drinks than you promised yourself you would…


Oops, diet over.

I’ll try again next year.


But don’t worry.




Because now it’s 2015 and it’s time for a change

And this time it’s not going to be like any other year. We’re doing this NOW.

 This time, it WILL be different!

This time, we are not just making a new year resolution, we are making a COMMITMENT.

A commitment to a new goal.



And here is how!


I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what to do to lose weight, tone, gain muscle, lose body fat, gain strength, torch calories, fast AND effectively this year!


1) Set a BIG GOAL. Then many small goals.


So you have a goal. What is your ULTIMATE GOAL?

Look like Candice Swanepoel.

Look like Vin Diesel.

I just want to lose some fat around my legs.

I want to be a beast.

I want to look like a Pinterest girl!


Whatever your goal is, I want you to envision it. And I want you to imagine yourself having reached your goal.


Now, in order to reach your goal, we have to set SMALL GOALS to get to your amazing ultimate awesome goal 😉


For example, if you have 10 kg to lose, I don’t want you having to lose 10kg.

I’m serious, don’t even THINK about that. You know why?

Because you WILL get there!


Instead, set a small goal, like…

“This week, I will go to the gym at least twice a week.”


“I will only eat fast food once a week.”


By setting a small goalit is easily reachable, and once you HAVE reached your goal, you can CELEBRATE for a job well done!

Because you are ONE STEP CLOSER to your goal! And NOTHING is stopping you this time!

So keep moving forward, keep setting smaller goals, and make them harder each time! Challenge yourself, you can overcome anything!

Once you have reached your first goal (after a week), set another goal for the next week!

“This week, I will cut out all processed food from my diet.”


“I will lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks.”


As the weeks progress, your goals will be harder to reach, but that is what makes it WORTH IT!

So, start to think of ways you can attain your goal.

For example, in order to lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks, I will…

1) Cut out all fried foods.

2) Workout 3 times a week.

3) Cut out soda and flavoured drinks.

4) Have a breakfast full of protein and healthy fats.


Keep making your goals harder each time. And REMEMBER, no matter how big or small your goal is, REWARD yourself for it, because YOU have achieved it! And that is incredible!

Once you get used to setting small goals for yourself, start to set bigger goals, and think of new ways you can achieve your bigger goals.


I will achieve 20% body fat in the next 2 months.

I will do this by…

1) Reducing my carb intake to 100g a day.

2) Doing HIIT or tabata after every workout.

3) Doing 100 m sprints every morning.


Remember to always make your goals small and realistic. If you have 20 kg to lose, you might not want to set a goal to lose 10 kg within a month. Therefore, set a small goal, and work towards that.


If you are not able to reach your goal, DON’T WORRY! 

I have set so many goals and haven’t reached them, but I figured out why that was so, and changed what I was doing. It’s all about learning what is right for you.

Sometimes it may be that you’re eating too many calories, or eating too little, not taking enough protein or maybe your workouts are not effective for your body type.

Try and test, and see what works for you! Keep setting small goals and you will reach them! Keep moving forward 😉


2) Don’t beat yourself up if you lose track!


Nobody is perfect!


I can’t count how many times I have COMPLETELY and UTTERLY lost track with my eating, especially with eating cakes!

And when I go on holiday with my family, I eat till my fill on buffets all the time!

It’s not about eating clean 24/7, because that is not REASONABLE!

The rule to follow is to eat clean 80% of the day, and in the other 20%, you can sneak half a cookie!

I would rather you eat clean and have a little treat here and there, than to go ALL OUT healthy foody fanatic with juiced carrots and munching only on celery sticks, and stop after 2 weeks because it’s a boring diet, and everyone loves a bit of ice cream once in a while!


I follow this plan: Eat clean the entire week, and have THREE CHEAT MEALS during the week. That includes having a cake. Or an amazing cheeseburger. Or Ben’s and Jerry’s. Your choice.


The key, my friends, is to GET BACK TO YOUR HEALTHY EATING! 

I know so many people who start a fitness journey, and give the whole thing up because they messed up with one fast food mealor a few donuts, or a box of cookies.

No matter what, I don’t care how much you mess up.

I don’t care how many hot dogs you’ve eaten, or if you’ve eaten 2 tubs of ice cream. I DON’T CARE!

Make the next day, healthier. Like they say,


“Eating one salad isn’t going to make you lose weight. So eating one tub of ice cream isn’t going to make you gain weight.”


So, get back on track! All is not lost! You can still do this!


3) It’s a journey.


Keep doing what you’re doing.

Even if it rains, even if it shines.

This is where the Nike motto comes in..



Even if you see no results, because if you keep doing it, YOU WILL!

But if you stop, you most definitely won’t.


Like they say.


A continuous action becomes a habit,

A habit becomes your attitude,

Your attitude becomes your lifestyle.


But how do you make something a habit?


You can get a workout buddy! Make sure someone keeps you accountable for your workouts, and you keep accountable for theirs!


Find an exercise, or activity that you enjoy! For example, running or attending a Zumba class! Doing an exercise that you like would make you more likely to keep doing that exercise!



So remember,

this 2015,

We are making a change!

Make it a lifestyle! 😉




With lots of love,

Yours truly,


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