7 thoughts on “How to lose weight FAST? The secret ways to lose weight in ONE WEEK!

      1. i am looking forward to your upcoming posts! Maybe what is stopping me from going to the gym is i am intimidated by it. I get shy or afraid when people look at me, what if i was doing it wrongly. anyway, which part of the world do you live at? 😊


      2. Thank you so much! And I see… Well that is the case for alot of people! And alot of girls are intimidated to enter the weights area because they feel all the guys are around and that they don’t belong! or are doing something wrong. I say, be proud that you’re doing something wrong! Because it’s from trial and error that you find out what works for you, and what doesn’t. And just so you know, alot of people who go to the gym have no idea what they’re doing! and people who look at others in the gym are actually looking for ideas on what to do, cause they’re lost themselves! and you can try going to the gym with a friend! that will help you feel more confident! 🙂 follow the workouts i gave you and you won’t go wrong, you’ll see people at the gym following you! and I live in Singapore at the moment! What about you? 🙂


      3. Aw thank you so much for the tip & actually taking your time to type this out for me! I’ll be sure to use these helpful tips from you 😉 Omg im in singapore tooooo! 😀 Whaddya mean living in sg at the moment?


      4. Yea, and no problem! I’m glad to help! I actually live in the UK so I’m only in Singapore temporarily! Also, if you have any questions about weight loss or anything you wanna ask, you can email me at l.tiffany@hotmail.co.uk ! and if there’s anything you’d like me to write an article on!


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