6 exercises to get TONED, STRONG arms and get rid of arm flab!



People sometimes tell me:


‘Tif, I love your arms! And your shoulders! They’re so nice and toned! How do you get them that way?’


And I love how nice the compliments are…


But sometimes we forget, some people have a really defined, chiseled back, some people have amazing flat tummies and some people have the most gorgeous Alesendra Ambrasio legs.

There is usually one particular body part that we TRULY LOVE about ourselves, and another one that we just want to HIDE AND COVER UP and not show anyone!


We have to remember that our body stores our fat differently!


Some people store fat mainly in their upper body, arms, belly, back.. Leaving them with less fat on their legs, so you generally find your legs are much sleeker. We call these people the apple shape.

Some people store fat mainly in their lower body, their bum and legs, so their arms and belly are generally quite lean. We call these people the pear shape.

And others store fat equally in both the upper and lower body, we call them the hourglass


The body part that I feel is my best feature are my ARMS AND SHOULDERS!

I’m pear-shaped, and as you know, pear shapes tend to have majority of body fat sitting below the hips. So that leaves my arms and shoulders really sleek and they get toned easily.

I love my body, and I’m working hard towards gaining STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE rather than just a good physique.



I know alot of my apple-shaped friends complain about flabby arms, and want to get rid of that annoying jiggle!

I will teach you the EXACT techniques for you to achieve those sleek, slender arms that you’ve always wanted, so you can stop wasting your time doing those moves of fitness magazine 😉





And let’s get to some real work shall we 😉

1. Burn of that fat!

What is that sitting on your arms, making them wobble and jiggle? And no matter how many arm toning exercises you do, your arms never get toned!


Why aren’t my arms getting toned?! I’m doing toning exercises all the time and nothing’s happening!


This is because even though you are toning the muscle, the layer of fat sitting above the muscle still remains, so no matter how many arm lifts you do, you will NEVER see the toned muscle!


So what is your simple, easy and quick solution? You don’t even have to do arm-related exercises for this.

All you have to do is BURN THE FAT BABY!


Cardio, cardio, cardio.


And I don’t mean walking on the treadmill for an hour at a moderate pace, going on that elliptical while reading your book, or biking and chatting with your friend.

You gotta SWEAT, you gotta FEEL THE BURN and you’re not going shopping now, you’re GETTING THOSE ARMS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED!

I think you know what I’m gonna say here aren’t you…




I wanna see some intensity, I wanna see it burn, I want to see you gasping for air, and I want to see you struggling. Yes, if you’re struggling, you’re doing it RIGHT.

A good gage of what high intensity interval training is, is to do something high intensity for 50 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. And move on to an exercise that’s of lower intensity, and again 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.


For example:

1. Mountain Climbers (50 sec, 10 sec rest)


2. Lunges (50 sec, 10 sec rest)


3. High knees (50 sec, 10 sec rest)


4. Squats (weight is optional) (50 sec, 10 sec rest)

squat (1)

Repeat this as many many many times as you can! If you went through it once, GREAT. If you did it twice, AWESOME. If you did it 5 times, YOU GO GIRL/MAN!


If you love your elliptical or treadmill, you can do HIIT on it as well. Here’s what you can do.

Sprint for 30 seconds, speed walk for 1 min. And repeat.


I usually do a speed of 6.5 for speed walking and 11.0 for my sprints. But you can adjust according to your level.


Do this for about 10 mins for beginners, and 30 mins for advanced.


If you step on a machine, I want to see some HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING. Fast, slow, fast, slow.. Never do it at a comfortable, moderate pace.


2. Weight, push ups, weights, push ups…


I can’t stress ENOUGH how important weights and push ups are in getting that muscle definition. What I tell people is DO WHAT THE DUDES ARE DOING!

Don’t they have nice arms ladies? Yes, they do 😉

So we should be doing that! And no, you will not get as buff as them.


Guys have way more testosterone than us ladies, and testosterone is what creates muscle definition. We only have a little bit, meaning our muscle development won’t be as much as theirs.

And if you see buff girls, they’re either taking steroid supplements, or injecting themselves with steroids.

I have to thank WEIGHTS for giving me my shoulder and arm definition. Really! 😉

Here’s a workout I have been doing for a few weeks, and my shoulders have grown so much from it.



1. Position yourself on a bench, legs bent for beginners, legs straightened for intermediate.

2. Bend your arms backwards, in a 90 degree angle. 3. Repeat as many as you can UNTIL FAILURE.




1. Pick a weight where you can only do 10 reps. (So it’s gotta be pretty heavy!)

2. Swing one arm upwards, and slowly control the descend. Do 10 reps. REPEAT.



1. On your knees for beginners, one knee straightened for intermediate, and knees of the floor for advanced.

2. Perform a tricep push up, and lift one dumbbell, keeping your elbow close to your body.

3. Do 10 push ups. REPEAT.



1. Pick a weight where you can only do 10 reps. It’s gotta be heavy!

2. Keep elbows slightly bent and raise both arms, parallel to the floor. Keep the descend slow and controlled.

3. Do 10 reps. REPEAT.



Superb for shoulders!

1. Pick weights where you can only do 10 reps. Make sure it’s heavy!

2. Keep weights at shoulder level and lift them up, slightly touching the weights together. Keep elbows slightly bent.

3.  Keep descend slow and controlled! Do 10 reps. REPEAT.



I’m not a frequent user of machines, but this one’s amazing for triceps! Gotta love ’em tris!

1. Start of with a lighter weight, where you can do a little more than 10 reps.

2. Pull down on the rope, keeping elbows in the same position. Only your hands move, elbows stay at the side of your body.

3.  Do 10 reps. Increase weight and REPEAT another 10 reps, or till FAILURE (where you can’t do anymore!)


So that’s your daily dose of fitness from yours truly!


Keep working, keep getting fitter, stronger, and hotter 😉


sleek arms


Till next time, with lots of love,


8 thoughts on “6 exercises to get TONED, STRONG arms and get rid of arm flab!

  1. Great write-up! This is so, so true! We all do store our fat differently. People shouldn’t beat themselves up…just be patient and keep working at it…it’s definitely a marathon not a sprint!


    1. Yea! I know some people who always think they’re fat cause they have abit of a belly, but it’s just how their body stores their fat! You’re right, you gotta keep working at it it’s a marathon! 🙂 thanks for your comment!


      1. Totally! We all have areas of our body we’d love to change…a lot of it has to do with genetics,etc. The bottom line is to be happy with yourself and get a complete understanding of your body and the rest will all fall into place.


      2. Yes that’s right! And also to put your focus into gaining strength and endurance, rather than just a nice physique. When you see yourself being able to do push ups when you couldn’t before, or being able to lift heavier weight, that is the true accomplishment! 🙂


      3. You hit the nail right on the head! Seeing your performance increase in the gym is such a phenomenal measuring stick of your progress. Obviously everyone wants an awesome physique but as you pointed out it’s more important to focus on improvement and increasing your strength and endurance…the rest will fall into place!


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