How to get smooth, glowy skin and shiny, silky hair? Home remedies for beautiful hair and skin!

It’s about time for a beauty post!

bad hair

Sick of those BAD HAIR DAYS? 


We all want luminescent skin, skin that glimmers. Smooth, supple, radiant skin that looks like you’ve been tanning on the beach, and the warm summer sun has given you that sun-kissed glow, but still leaving your skin beautifully luscious and smooth.

And what about our hair? Thick, luscious locks. Hair that is shiny, smooth and healthy. No more dry, frizzy hair, but instead , attain that smooth, tangle-free, frizz-free and shiny hair!

How do you achieve amazingly glowy skin? How do you get beautiful, voluminous hair?


These 3 products will change your life!

olive oilCoconut-oilalmonds

Olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil and almond oil.

And now I have told you the 3 magic ingredients, here’s how to use them!

1. Use olive oil as a hair treatment. Mix about 1/2 cup olive oil and 1 egg yolk.egg

2. Saturate your hair with the mixture, really work it into your roots and especially the ends of your hair! 


3. Wrap your head in cling film or a shower cap. Leave it in for 30 mins, if you can, leave it in overnight. Wash your hair and condition as usual. Your hair will be healthy, nourished and looking shiny and beautiful !

2. After your shower or shave, apply coconut oil to your legs, arms and rest of your body. Your skin will look absolutely glowy and Victoria’s Secret like!


3. Use almond oil as a moisturiser. Apply a few drops on your face. It helps reduce acne and skin pigmentation as well. After using almond oil for a week, even without using it for a day or two, my skin looks shinier, healthier and has that amazing glow no product ever gave me!

4. After you shower, put about five drops of coconut oil on your hand (only a few cause the smell is pretty strong!), and apply to the ends of your hair. This makes your ends appear healthier and less dry, as well as gives them that moisture boost that they truly need!

5. Remove your make up with olive oil. Skip the expensive make up removers as they are filled with chemicals that can aggravate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Removing your mascara with olive oil can also help to strengthen lashes and make your lashes LONGER !


6. Exfoliate your skin with olive oil and brown sugar. Add 4 table spoons of olive oil to about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Apply a warm cloth to your face for 1-2 mins. Then, exfoliate with the mixture. This is really good for those who have acne, and has really helped me to reduce acne scars and pigmentation. It also moisturises your skin and leaves it looking and feeling supple and AMAZING!

So those are my beauty secrets! Do them and you’ll see a whole lot of a difference to your skin and hair. 😉

But now, here’s some NUTRITIONAL TIPS!

Why nutritional tips you say?

Just as it is important to apply products to your body, it is MORE important to put what’s good in your body, because what you eat gives your body the right vitamins and nutrients to be healthy. And when your body is healthy, your skin and hair become healthy!

My number 1 tip for healthy skin and hair is to STOP DRINKING AND SMOKING.


Firstly, we know that smoking is unhealthy. It leaves your skin looking dull, and dehydrated, due to the high amount of chemicals and tar present. It also leaves your hair looking dull and damaged, and not to mention not smell as good. So in order to really have amazing, luscious and healthy skin, refrain from smoking.

Drinking excessively dehydrates the skin. When your skin is dehydrated, it lacks moisture thus, leaving it prone to dryness which could leave to early formation of wrinkles.

If you notice, people who smoke and drink excessively don’t really have the best skin or the most luscious hair.

2. Take OMEGA-3 supplement. Not many of us are able to eat fish on a daily basis, so taking an omega-3 supplement will give us those essential fatty acids our skin and hair just crave! Fatty acids are a must to take if you want beautiful skin, they help in the rejuvenation and formation of skin cells as well as production of natural skin oils. I started taking omega-3 supplements and people actually noticed that I took omega-3 supplements, just because of the way my skin looked!


3. Eat healthy fats! What do I mean by healthy fats? I mean, nuts, avacados, chia seeds, flax seeds… Anything that is loaded with healthy fats! Just like omega-3, there are other essential fatty acids present in foods that are a must for your skin! But remember, eat them in moderation. Because just like fats, eating too much healthy fat is not a good thing!

3. Drink lots of water! I know you heard this before time and time again! But drinking alot of water will help your skin become supple and moisturised, and therefore great looking skin! So drink lots of water, your skin will thank you for it 😉 Now that baby is drinking ALOT of water! 😉


Apply some of these tips to your daily routine, and tell me how it goes! I want to know what results you guys see! Feel free to comment if you have any tips for great looking skin and hair 😉


Yours truly with lots of love,


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