How to get a flat belly in a month? How to get ABS? And even, how to get a SIX PACK?!


Everyone knows how to get a six pack…

We always hear the same old thing.


When I go to the gym, most of the time I see people doing ab workouts. To be honest, the belly is a problem area for alot of people, especially for people whose body’s main area of fat storage is the mid-section, a.k.a the belly.

Apple shaped people can have perfectly sleek legs, toned arms but somehow, the tummy is always problem, it won’t budge! Sounds familiar?

I always find that people tend to do sit ups and crunches. But I gotta break it to ya…..

Sit ups and crunches DO NOT WORK!

I repeat, they DO NOT WORK!

But howcome? How can sit ups and crunches not work? You are working your abs, you’re tummy hurts at the end of it, you have to be working something Tif?!?!?

Don’t worry friends, I’ve got the answers for you…

1) You are not working your entire belly!

Well, yes, you are working your muscles. BUT….. When you do crunches and sit ups, most of the time you are just working your upper abs. You are not working all your abdominal muscles, but instead focusing on two little muscles at the tippy top.


See the first muscles at the very top? Yes, by doing crunches you are only targeting these two muscles. Your belly has so many other muscles, such as your obliques, and the rest of your core. And you have to engage ALL these muscles in order to have that amazing flat belly! I will tell you HOW to do just that in abit…..

Plus, most people perform sit ups and crunches with very poor form. They swing themselves up, therefore not engaging these muscles, or they put the tension in their neck or lower back, putting them at a high risk of injuries.


If you have a high body fat percentage, your abs will not show. You can do a million ab workouts, but all that nice toned muscle is lying beneath that layer of fat. So, in order to show those muscles, you need to lose the fat over those muscles!

But how?!?!

Simple. Tons of….. you guessed it…. CARDIO!

In order to attain a low body fat percentage, you need to lose the fat. And cardio will do just that for you. I don’t mean sitting on the bike for an hour, but I mean 30min – 45min of HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING.

You say what now?

Doing HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (or HIIT) will allow you to lose body fat in the QUICKEST TIME POSSIBLE!!! Try a LES MILLS HARCORE CLASS  or GRIT CLASS if they offer those at your gym. And you’ll know what I’m talking about. They BURN but they are so good for body fat loss.

After going for  grit classes about 3-4 times a week, I lost about 2kg in 3 weeks. Yea, it’s that good!


I would recommend ladies attain a percentage below 34%, when your body fat percentage is about 20- 25 %, that’s when you will really see those abs ladies!

For men, try to hit at least 15-18% !

So, by doing just cardio alone, you will actually began to see little ab muscles show! It’s a miracle! All those ab workouts will prove you no good if you don’t achieve a lower body fat percentage.

You see those amazingly hot guys with six packs, their body fat percentage is REALLY LOW! About 10-14 % ! That’s the only reason their abs actually show up so defined and sculpted. The lower your body fat percentage, the more defined your abs will be. The higher your body fat percentage, the less obvious your abs will be. Get the picture?

Ok, so now we know WHY our abs don’t show… But what about some actual GOOD exercises to get some definition!

Remember what I said about crunches, that they only work those teeny weeny little muscles? Well, here I’m gonna show you workouts that work your WHOLE MID-SECTION !

The more muscle groups you work, the more calories you burn, and so, is an even better way of shedding off that body fat as well! Killing two birds with one stone! 😉

I’m going to give you just 3 EXERCISES that will transform your abs. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE the fitball and I definitely give it the award for best equipment to help me attain my flat belly.

If you fall off the fitball, don’t worry, that is actually your abs telling you ‘Hey, I’m being engaged right now, this is feeling weird!’ So keep trying, and get back on that fitball! Your abs will thank you for it 😉



1) Stabilise yourself on the fitball.

2) Hold in this position for as long as you can. 30-45 seconds for beginners. 45 secs – 2 min for advanced.

When you start to have pain in your lower back, STOP! Breathe in and out and engage your abs. When you have pain in your lower back, that means you are relaxing your abs, so engage them by contracting them. 



1) Stabilise yourself on the fitball, and make sure your feet touch the ball.

2) Roll yourself infront and push your feet against the ball, bringing yourself into a pike.

Repeat this as many times as you can, till you can’t do any more with the proper form.  8-10 for beginners. 10-15 for advanced.



1) Stabilise yourself on the fitball.

2) Bring your knees to your chest as much as possible, and bring your legs back to starting position.

3) Breathe out as you bring your knees in, and breathe in as you go back to starting position.

Repeat this as many times as you can, till you can’t do any more with the proper form. 8-10 for beginners. 10-15 for advanced.

After you finish these 3 exercises, repeat them again twice. So in total you are doing 3 ROUNDS of the exercise.

After each exercise, take a 20 second break. So no taking out your phone texting your friend, or updating your facebook status going ‘Hey ya’ll I’m at the gym, doing Tiff’s ab workout!’. You only have time to catch your breath and move on to the next workout.

Why no stopping? Because, when you keep going, you’re increasing your heart rate, and your metabolism increases hence you burn more fat and gain more muscle! When you take too long rest periods between exercises, your heart rate decreases and you body goes into rest mode.

So guys, you can do it! Get that flat belly!


With lots of love yours truly,


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