How to lose weight and tone? THE BIG SECRET!


Second post… Fitness.


I always hear alot of people wanting to achieve their desired body. Whether it’s a flat belly, killer arms, or beyonce’s legs, everyone has that dream bod. And I come across alot of people who work out at the gym, and they’re really into it, training hard and cutting out fattening food, and really going for it! But what happens to 90% of these people? They BACK OUT.


Why? Why do you work out for 2 weeks, then stop? What happened to your vow of not eating too much rice? What happened to your life-long (or so-called) promise of never stepping into KFC ever again, to then pop by cause you just crave the taste of that deliciously crunchy fried chicken.


I was like that, always working out for 2 weeks at a time, and then stopping whatever plans I had made to get my Victoria’s Secret body. But then I found a TRICK.. To sticking to my workouts, and my diet. Wanna know what it was? Simple.




And I repeat, DO NOT DIET! There is no such thing as dieting when it comes to weight loss or being fit. Athletes do not diet, nor do weight lifters. But their physiques are amazing, don’t you think? It’s all about eating HEALTHY and eating your heavenly oh-so-good cakes, sugars, fried food in MODERATION.




Trust me, I know it seems like you’re sweating, burning up calories, and really getting your workout grind on when you’re hovered on the machine, and the adrenaline’s pumping through you and you go ‘Oh yea, I’m getting fit! Take that hommies!’


But first things first, when you’re excited about a new workout, you want to get on that machine. And then suddenly….. DUN DUNDUNNNN. Your mind goes……




It gets boring! You don’t feel like stepping on that machine, every single day, for 20 mins to an hour! And this is another reason why people do not continue working out for long. Because it gets boring and monotonous!  We have enough routine in our day as it is people.


Here’s a SECRET… To start sticking to your workouts and getting that body that you’ve always dreamed of! To get that motivation and drive, I always recommend people to….



It’s fun, it’s energetic, it never gets boring, and you have people around you working out so you have that extra motivation! Not to forget the instructor is there to push you and spur you on! Doing group exercise classes is the best stepping stone to starting your fitness journey. And also, I doubt you would say ‘Ah, I’ll go to the gym later……’ because you’ll love your group exercise classes so much, you wouldn’t want to miss it! Everyone loves fun things, so fun and fitness together? Who could ask for more?

Group exercise classes was how I first started my fitness journey, and I never regretted taking that step!


So get off that machine and start jumping around! I’ll be giving you a list of workouts and people to follow on instagram, facebook, ect. for the best workout routines and healthy eating suggestions!



It’s a process… DON’T STOP. KEEP GOING. Even if the numbers on the scale don’t change, keep going. Even if the inches don’t drop, keep going.

A continuous ACTION becomes a HABIT, HABIT becomes your ATTITUDE, your ATTITUDE becomes your LIFESTYLE.


Make it a lifestyle 😉


Yours truly with lots of love,


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